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Welcome Auto Dealerships!

We at Rudolph Incorporated would like to welcome all prospective dealers to our company.

We pride ourselves on Fast, Friendly Funding!

Don’t let any customer with bad credit leave your Auto Dealership without contacting us first for a loan quote. We specialize in high risk indirect lending including Foreclosures & Repossessions. Customers with bad credit or no credit can look forward to be given a second chance when you choose to use Rudolph Inc. as your subprime lender. No matter the customer’s credit situation, we can help you put your customer into the car of their dreams.

We work with many auto dealerships in Sonoma County that greatly profit from doing business with Rudolph Inc. You can be assured that your relationship with Rudolph Incorporated will be a rewarding one!

Call us today at (707) 584-1100 to find out about our unique lending programs.

What is in it for you!

Quick approval process

We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly funding . Fax over your deals today, and we will respond promptly with your customized quotes!

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With our 80% approval rate, you will gain more customers, and maximize your profits. Contact us today, and become an authorized dealer of Rudolph Incorporated!