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About Rudolph Incorporated
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About Rudolph Inc. 

Our History:

scrable game which reads finance to illustrate low credit car loan servicesRudolph Incorporated was founded in 1973 as a sole-proprietorship and was incorporated in 1978. The auto finance division was opened in 1992. The auto finance division was formed for the purpose of providing an alternative financial source for the customers of used car dealers. Used car dealers have become increasingly concerned with the shrinking of the financial markets that have been available to them in the past. The ability to finance customers' purchases is essential to the survival of the small independent dealer. Thousands of dollars of personal investment has been spent in developing an "alternative finance" program which allows for increased sales and profits for the participating dealer, a fair return for the investors and a method for individuals to have access to credit outside traditional lending sources.

The primary market niche for Rudolph Incorporated is purchasing what is generally known as "C" and "D" grade Rees-Levering (installment) contracts from approved dealers. Rudolph is currently servicing dealers in all of California. Funding for this operation is provided by a generous line of credit through Wells Fargo Preferred Capital Inc.

Rudolph Incorporated is also a strong and faithful supporter of IADAC (Independent Automobile Association of California).

Your Reliable Source:

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We recognized that both used car dealerships and customers with poor credit needed a reliable source of financing for

 substandard contracts.  Our unique funding programs allow us to offer car dealerships an alternative to traditional financing, and a second chance to customers.  We’ve assisted dealers in providing subprime financing to thousands of customers with our 80% approval rate!

Originally, Rudolph Inc. was headquartered in Rohnert Park, California. Currently, we’re located in Petaluma, California with representatives in the Bay Area and Sacramento areas.

Some of the locations of dealers we currently work with are Sonoma County, Sacramento County, Marin County, San Joaquin County, San Francisco County, Fresno County, and Contra Costa County.  Rudolph Inc. prides itself on providing excellent service to our dealers.

 We look forward to earning your business! 


Our Focus

Auto Dealerships

With our 80% approval rate, you will gain more customers, and maximize your profits. Contact us today, and become an authorized dealer of Rudolph Incorporated!

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Car Buyers

Bad Credit or No Credit. We truely believe everyone deserves a second chance. We can help you improve your credit AND buy a car!

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Our Team

Our staff can help you in the toughest situations. Visit our office or contact us through email or phone to speak to one of our representatives.

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